schoolStudied for 16 years
laptop_macWorked at 5 companies
codeCoded for 3000+ hours
languageSpeak 3 different languages
airplanemode_activeTravelled to 12 countries
sports_basketballWatched 200+ hours of NBA
ac_unitSnowboarded for 4 years
masksWore 100+ masks
6_ft_apartKept 6ft apart
I am Jerry, a
My name is Jerry, a dedicated software engineer with over 2 years of professional experience since graduating from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I specialize in full-stack development, proficient in TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, and Java. I have extensive experience with frameworks such as Angular, React, Next.js, and React Native, as well as environments like Express.js and Node.js. Currently, I am focused on developing property management solutions for the Australian market as a full-stack software engineer. Previously, I contributed as a frontend engineer at Line Pay and gained valuable experience through software engineering internships at Electronic Arts and other firms, refining my agile development skills and collaborative approach.
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