Full-stack Software Engineer | Melbourne, Victoria | Oct '22 - Ongoing
At Inspection Express, I help build a property management software with a focus on helping property managers save time and improve efficiency. Our product includes functionalities such as paperless office drafting and signing experience, property inspections, report generations, and 360 degree virtual tours. I focus on building the frontend with Angular and TypeScript and building the server with C# with .NET MVC pattern. My daily work includes coordinating with the head of product to design optimal user experience for our clients, coding independently to deliver new features, and collaborating with other team members on architectural programming design.
Frontend Engineer | Taipei, Taiwan | Dec '21 - Mar '22
At Line Pay, I designed the architecture and implemented the frontend application of the financial services that includes loans, insurance, and donation services inside the Line Pay application using Next.js. I modularized components and hooks for reusability and incorporated tools such as Redux, React Query, Axios and more. In addition, I created an internal application that uses Line Frontend Framework to enable a clear display of the data returned by all of Line's APIs, external and internal. This application was used by Line Pay's development team to speed up development process through precise data visualization.
Software Engineer Intern | Vancouver, BC | Sep '20 - Apr '21
At EA, I built a spreadsheet editor tool in the Frostbite game engine using C#, XAML, and visual studio. It allows users to edit multiple in-game assets at once while comparing their values in a spreadsheet view. In addition, I also built an internal application with C# and .NET Core to generate C# solution filter file containing the necessary project paths to compile and run a piece of code based on its references.
Software Engineer Intern | Vancouver, BC | Jan '19 - Jun '19
During my time at Mojio, I was responsible for maintaining and implementing REST APIs on the backend platform team using Visual Studio and C#. I created two internal applications: one was to visualize API calls our server received for analysis purposes, the other was to simulate sending Mojio's device messages to Azure directly for testing purposes. I also designed and implemented the vehicle service schedule APIs of the Mojio product.
Software Engineer Intern | Vancouver, BC | Sep '18 - Dec '18
My first technical role was a VR game engineer intern with Archiact in Vancouver, Canada. Collaborating with senior game designers and other software engineers, I was responsible for designing and implementing the prototype of a space survival VR game for Oculus Go using Unity and C#.